TherapyRoots is creating a better way for therapists to make and receive referrals, connect with colleagues and ultimately help those seeking therapy to find a trusted therapist sooner.

The Team

TherapyRoots is a small, community-oriented team focused on providing tools for mental health providers and other support providers with the aim of making mental health services more accessible to everyone. We built TherapyRoots because we saw a need for providers to be able to connect with, communicate with, and support each other.

Joyce, the Clinical Psychologist. The vision and expertise behind TherapyRoots, she is always looking for ways to improve how things are done.

Winston, the Builder. Takes all of our ideas and transforms them into useful, usable, beautiful tools.

Jason, the Bridge. Brings his business expertise, strategy, and discipline to the mental health world, and keeps us all moving forward towards delivering services better.

Bianca, the Believer. Wants everyone to have access to mental health services and is looking for ways to make it possible.