Welcome to TherapyRoots! We're glad you joined. We created TherapyRoots so that therapists and other health professionals can connect and refer patients to each other and make trusted referrals. Through these services, patients can get the mental health help they need faster and with more assurance.

Below are a few tips to help you get started. If you have any other questions not covered below, reach out anytime to [email protected].

There are two user profile types: one for Mental Health Professionals, and one for Referring Professionals such as school counselors, teachers, principals, faculty, spiritual/religious leaders, and other health professionals like general medical practitioners and nurse practitioners.

Just create a TherapyRoots profile, and select Mental Health Provider or Referring Professional as your Profile Type. You can change your Profile Type at any time.

If you select "Referring Professional" as your Profile Type, colleagues will not be able to send client referrals to you, but you can send client referrals to them, and they can add you to their Contact List.

To best use the TherapyRoots network, we recommend that you only request and accept invitations to your Contact List from therapists and other colleagues you know and would recommend professionally.

There are 2 ways to search for colleagues and add them to your Contact List:

  1. At the very top of your dashboard (your personalized view of our homepage), search by specialty, insurance, or location. After you enter info in any of the fields, we'll search the entire TherapyRoots network and serve up a list of providers. You can refine your search with additional criteria on the left side of your search results screen. Click on the in the lower left of a provider's profile to add them to your Contacts. You're in their network and they're in yours. The Connect icon icon shows that you're successfully connected.
  2. In the Search for Contacts section of your dashboard, you can search by name or email. You'll be given the option to Add to Contacts (if they're already on TherapyRoots) or Invite Your Colleague (if they're not yet on TherapyRoots). Once you invite them or add them to be your contact, they will be in your network!

Adding colleagues to your Contact List makes it easier to find them in search results and also provides an additional level of assurance for colleagues when searching for providers to refer to clients. When you search for providers, your Contacts will show up as Connect icon, and those in the ContactLists of your network will show up as 2nd degree connection.

In the Search for a Colleague section of your dashboard, enter the name and email of each colleague in your referral or contact list. You'll be given the option to Add to Contacts (if they're already on TherapyRoots) or Invite Your Colleague (if they're not yet on TherapyRoots).

If you'd like to add multiple emails or names at once, go to My Contacts at the top right of your dashboard. In the Invite Colleagues via Email section, you can enter the email addresses of your contacts. Click Invite, and a pop-up will confirm that you want to send invitations to these specific email addresses (you can also edit these email addresses in this pop-up).

Once you’ve sent invitations to your colleagues, they will immediately show up in your My Contacts list as a private contact. Once they accept your invitation and create a TherapyRoots profile, you will see their full profile card in your My Contacts list. You can now then easily access your referral list via TherapyRoots for quickly making referrals!

You can refer clients to therapists in your Contact List as well as to therapists in the entire TherapyRoots network. See the video or instructions below to learn about how to make an online referral on TherapyRoots.

To refer patients to therapists from your Contact List, go to the Connections section of your TherapyRoots homepage or your My Contacts page and click on the therapists to whom you'd like to refer clients.

To refer therapists who aren't in your Contact List, go to your TherapyRoots homepage and search for professionals by specialty, insurance, or location. You can refine your search with additional criteria on the left side of your search results screen. Simply click the button for providers whose information you'd like to share with the patient, and they will be added to your Referral Tray (both at the top left corner of the Search Results page and at upper right corner of most pages, including your homepage).

When you're ready to complete the referral, click on the icon in the upper left corner, or the Referral Tray in the upper right corner, and you'll have the option to send the list to your own email address (the primary email associated with your TherapyRoots account), print the list, or have a link with the referral info sent by text message to your mobile phone. Simply take the list and share it with the requesting client, patient, friend, or colleague.

From your dashboard, click on the Sent Referrals or Received Referrals tabs to see your referral activity.

In Sent Referrals, you'll be able to see referrals you've recently created and sent, and you can quickly re-add those providers to a new referral by clicking on the + button.

When you're logged in, click on your name in the header, and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu. You can update your information or profile picture at any time once you've created an account.